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While we all do our part in social distancing and stopping the spread of the Corona Virus, we can also make good use of this time at home with our pets. At Kaause, we try to look at what these challenging times can teach us - focusing more on what really matters, and spending more quality time with our loved ones. So, here are our 7 ideas on what to do with your dog indoors this week! 


Let’s start the list with some fun indoor games! We suggest playing Hide & Seek with two humans: it’s more fun, plus the second player can hold the dog if they don’t yet know how to stay. Also, this way one of you can ask “Where is ___(insert your name here)”. This automatically helps your doggo learn names while having fun.


Have your dog stay while you hide their favorite treats around the house. Start out by placing them in plain sight: we need your pooch to understand what’s going on. Yes, this game takes time but your dog’s excitement will be worth it!


Studies show that most dogs can learn over 200 words. Let’s put their brains to good use! Start using a name for their favorite toy, repeating it while playing. Then, gradually add more toys and ask the dog to get “the dinosaur” or “the ball” specifically. Might take a couple of days, but hey, we’ve got at least a week of isolating during Corona Virus!

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Not a game, but a very important thing to do. We can’t predict the future, so it’s a good idea to gradually stock up on the necessities: dog food, supplements, dog shampoo. A lot of pet stores offer deliveries during these challenging times. We encourage you to shop online, local, and to support small businesses.


A subscription box seems to be a perfect solution for these social distancing times. Think about it, this way you won’t be needing to go to the store, and you’ll still be surprising your pup with new goodies all the time. Your unique box full of fun necessities will be delivered to you on a regular basis: no hustle and no worries.

Did you know we launched our own Kaause Subscription box? Each box has treats and toys handpicked for your pet specifically, necessities like wipes and poop bags and something handmade from us - a little surprise!

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Groomers recommend brushing your pet every day to avoid matting, so this relaxing activity is a must-do this week. Take it further and create a whole SPAW DAY for your furball: give them a bath, cut their nails, maybe spray some perfume. Oh, and you can also chill with a sheet-mask in the meantime!


Well, this one is mostly for yourself, not so much for your dog...Regardless, you will still spend some quality time with your pet! Here are some of our top dog movie picks: the new live-action “Lady and the Trump” & “Togo” streaming on Disney+, “Bolt” on Netflix, “A Dog’s Way Home” and “A Dog’s Purpose” on Amazon Prime. All are pawsome!

We hope these 7 ideas were helpful and you can make the most of this time at home. Let’s put our energy toward spending quality time with the ones we love the most, and just doing the best we can! Stay safe and healthy!

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