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Have you ever seen a truly un-photogenic dog?... Neither have we! Literally every pup can pull off being a model or fashion-influencer. In fact, we see more and more dog photos on social every day! So how do you make your pupper stand out from this furry crowd?

In Kaause, we believe it’s the smallest details that make the difference. Humans use fashion and accessories to stand out, so why can’t our dogs do the same? Below are five simple fashion ideas that will take your pup’s photos to the next level of cute.

1. Colorful matching set: bow tie + collar + leash

Separately, a bow tie, collar, and a leash might not surprise the crowds. The interesting part starts when you have all three made from the same material with a colorful pattern. This consistency looks chic as if your pooch had his costume made by a personal tailor. Wait...with Kaause, it is actually so.

Jackson wearing our set in Kente patterns (click to see the leash.)

2. Neon Spring

Coming out of the winter sweaters, expect to see lots of colors this spring season! And we’re not talking about the traditional pastel palette. Fashion trends dictate that bright neon colors will be the center of attention this year, so be brave and choose neon yellow, orange, green outfits!

3. Doggy Sunglasses

Another springtime trend is stylish sunglasses! The sun is coming back to Canada, use this to take a funny pic and show that your pooch is ready for the sunny season! Look for some retro-looking waterproof glasses with adjustable chin and head, just make sure your dog is comfortable wearing them.

4. Painted nails

Ready for all the attention in the world? Paint your dog’s nails for the ‘gram. You can ask for this service at your groomer’s or buy a special dog nail polish for at-home use. Just don't use human polish as it is not safe for pets.

5. Personalized Bandana

“Ok, this is definitely new…” - that’s what your followers will think looking at your pooch wearing a bandana with their name! Personalized accessories for dogs are quickly becoming one of the biggest 2020 trends. No surprise: they are pawsome for dog photos!

Did you know you can add your dog’s name to any of our bandanas for free?

Choose one and order now!


    Here you have it: five very simple ideas on how to make your dog photo shoot a bit different. Add some fashionable details, stylish accessories such as a custom bow-tie, leash, or collar, and have fun getting to the ranks of Instagram’s most famous dogs!

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