About Us

Welcome to Kaause!


We are a Canadian owned company which was founded out of a dream to create a company that would honour and celebrate creativity. We started the company so we could offer up something new and exciting in the pet collar industry.  Our goal is the number one hand crafted company that produces hand crafted collars, bow ties, bandanas and leashes for your pet.  


Each item is made out of love from start to finish and if carefully constructed using hand picked stylish fabric. 


Once we have selected the fabric we constructed the items with a small team of creative fashionista's and animal lovers.

During the construction of each item, we take extra care paying attention to every detail front start to finish as it has to be of Kaause quality.


and Voila.. there you have it! Take your pet our in style with our fun, modern and unique pet accessories.  We use only the best top quality fabric and the best hardware for our collars. 



We are on a mission to create beautiful items for your pet and to give back improving the livelihood of families from around the world by giving to a charity that supports families.  Our mission is to be socially conscious for humans and pets, releasing families from poverty and improving the lives of children.With every purchase from our website a part of the proceeds good to our Charity which is Compassion Canada. You are one step away from improving the lives of families around the world!